About Us

For us the key elements of market success, in any company, are: effective data management in the organization, the safety of data storage, access control and automatic processing. Being able to listen to, and understand the business and being familiar with the latest IT tools, we know how to connect systems to ensure their highest usefulness to an organization.

What makes us different from others is, one the one hand, our readiness to accept ingenious solutions and new technologies, and a high quality of our services on the other

What we are also proud of is:

Our attitude to the customer

  • Respecting our client’s time and money, we complete the work within costs and deadlines negotiated.
  • We comply with our clients’ needs and standards.
  • We offer advice and assistance at every phase of the project.
  • Being open to new cultures and places, we can work in any time and place selected by the customer.
  • We hold to the, old but still valid, principle that the needs of the customer is always in the first.

Our reliability

  • The company started as a result of a merger entities present on the market since 2010.
  • Its finances are in good shape, without debts or liabilities.
  • The company uses reliable methods of ensuring data security.

Our specialists

  • 90% of our programmers have worked in the profession for over five years.
  • 100% of our engineers have experience in multicultural projects (including intercontinental).
  • Everyone is keen and committed to their jobs.
  • Everyone has a good command of English and at least another European Language.

Our experience

  • The familiarity with a wide variety of hardware and software platforms.
  • Completing heterogeneous projects which use inter-platform synergy.